"Secrets from the Old Girls' Network."
Women historically don't receive the mentorship that occurs in the classic "old boy's network" so this is an antidote to that lack.

I am calling in strong, empowered, and globally/socially conscious women who want to motivate, educate, and rise together with other women in business or careers.
I want to open my group "Career Kickstarters [Give Yourself a Raise] with Sami Gardner" to amplify the voices of other women in business. Spotlighting a different female leader of the month.

The Skinny:

My group's demo is millennial female career builders with a lot of creatives, digital nomads, etc. Topics should be skewed to that audience.

Whats the deal for Guest experts?

Share a 10 minute long video talk on a topic (remember the theme "Secrets from the Old Girls Network") that is relevant, inspirational, and motivating to the Career Kickstarters (with a 2-4 minute pitch about their own ebook, website, etc at the end of the talk). This talk will be posted in the group along with the expert's website. It will then be put into its own post on the Career Kickstart Academy website, and some will be made into special episodes of the Career Kickstart Podcast.

What kind of commitment for guest experts?

Just the one-time pre-recorded video and no requirement to promote the talk or my group with your mailing list.

Have another question? Let me know! Still with me? Continue on to the application!

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