The Career Kickstart Show with Sami Gardner

What's the show?
I record the podcast via Zoom on both single topics solo, doing interviews, and hosting roundtables on career & personal development as related to designing an authentic career. Then transfer & edit the audio to put on iTunes, GooglePlay, and iHeartRadio.

Who is my ideal listener?
25-45 professionals, mainly women, who have been working on personal development and are now ready to tackle their careers. They want to shake up their careers, find a new direction, and upgrade their job satisfaction and pay. Their careers or goals are offbeat.
Interviews usually 15-20 minutes. Guest experts will have a spot at the end to promote themselves and their latest offering. Interview topic example, Isabelle Rizo, PR Expert to Artists, shared how artists can create community online.

For Interesting Career Stories, I got 5 standard questions and then I will riff from there.

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